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تاسست الجمعية العراقية الامريكية عام  2009 مع ازدياد اعداد الوافدين العراقيين الى الولايات المتحدة والحاجة لوجود جمعية اجتماعية للعراقيين في المهجر لاظهار الصورة المشرقة للعراق مهد الحضارات الانسانية ومنارة العلم والمعرفة. لقد حرصت الجمعية على لم شمل كافة ابناء الجالية من خلال مجموعة من الفعاليات الثقافية والاجتماعية المتنوعة بمشاركة شباب وشابات الجالية للتعريف بالتراث الثقافي والفني للعراق ومساهمته في رفد الحضارة الانسانية .  وتفتح الجمعية ذراعيها لكافة ابناء الجالية للاسهام في مختلف الفعاليات والمبادرات والتي من شانها رفع اسم العراق عاليا و تقوية اواصر المحبة والاخاء بين ابناء الجالية العراقية . وتتقدم الجمعية بالشكر الجزيل  لكافة ابناء الجالية الكرام على دعمهم المتواصل من خلال الاشتراك بعضوية الجمعية هو ما يساعد على استمرار العمل فيها والارتقاء بالعمل المثمرالى افاق اعلى خدمة لبلدنا وجاليتنا العزيزة .

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IAA works on behalf of our members in promoting our culture and heritage, helping create a future in which communities look to us as a vital, trusted resource. IAA provides resources and tools to help you address a variety of needs and help you better serve your community. Involvement with the Iraqi American Association is open to all interested individuals and membership will also be considered for all from non Iraqi ancestry.

Join Now and Connect with your Community

The Iraqi American Association was founded in 2009 in order to assist Iraqis, particularly the most recent influx of immigrants, to The United States, specifically California. The IAA was formed to be a utility for Iraqis from all backgrounds to assemble in camaraderie.  This dream came to fruition on July 16th 2009 amongst the Iraqi and American Community alike, in southern California. The IAA established an organization that demonstrates non-political non-religious objectives; a coalition formed purely on the foundation of creating a community that aptly represents the social and cultural traditions of Iraq, while assimilating new immigrants with eastern values in coexistence with those of the western societies.

The Iraqi American Association makes it a priority to aid all Iraqis with the essentials for acclimating to a new society. They provide assistance with basic necessities, such as registering for school and other civil assistance, including breaking the language barrier.  As for the social front, the IAA has and will continue to hold various functions such as picnics, communal gatherings, and medical and social seminars in order to encourage and mass educate all those who may need our services.

The Iraqi American Association have established themselves as the leader in veraciously communicating the need of the Iraqi people to the state department. With over 150 members encompassing the academic, social, medical, and legal communities alike the IAA’s mission is to ensure that all Iraqis are recognized as paramount members of the American society.

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