Our Constitution

Iraqi American Association is a non-profit non-affiliated organization established July 2009, encourages open, honest and respectful dialogue, dedicated to serve the Iraqi community in the United States.

IAA embraces diversity and believes by providing a professional atmosphere we can work together to achieve our common goals. This can best be accomplished through individual initiatives. We encourage you to fill in the membership form and register with your association.

Mission Statement

The IAA is a non profit, non political, non partisan organization and it shall not engage in any political or religious activities. IAA is dedicated to promoting the vitality of Iraqi culture in the United States and actively contribute its unique history and richness to the diversity of the American culture as well as provide a platform for all Iraqis to come back to and give and receive support among the community.



  1. The name of this organization shall be the Iraqi American Association (hereafter to be referred as IAA) a nonprofit organization.
  2. The association was established in Los Angeles California on July 18, 2009
  3. The symbol of the association is cultural and historical icons of Iraqi history encircled by the Iraqi and American flags.

Goals and Objective

  1. To seek and bring the Iraqi American community together and promote Iraqi culture through a variety of cultural and social events.
  2. To Offer assistance and humanitarian aids to the increasing numbers of the Iraqi immigrants to the United States.
  3. To coordinate with the Iraqi Embassy, Iraqi consulate offices and cultural attaché to provide maximum exposure of Iraqi culture, Folklore, Literature, Music, History, and overall knowledge of Iraq to the US public through cultural activities and other public relations activities.
  4. To assist when possible business relations between Iraqi and US companies and individuals that wish to conduct business between the two countries.
  5. To work to provide educational assistance to members of the Iraqi American community who might otherwise lack access to opportunities for higher education.
  6. To encourage and support the Iraqi community to vote in local, state and federal government elections and the same with Iraqi election process.
  7. To coordinate activities with other Iraqi entities in the United State to bring a unity and uniformity to the community.